The Extension Says Goodbye to Men’s Director Mr. Robert Jordan

“Farewell with a Saddened Heart and, Excitement for the Next Assignment

CAVU (Clear Above Visibility Unlimited) * Navy phrase for bright future”


“My humble beginnings started with The Extension in 2006 as a resident. I served ten years in the United States Navy from 1986-1996 and was married with four beautiful daughters. Our world shattered when the mother of my daughters was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away in 2004. This, by far, was the toughest time of my life. I did not have any tools to process the hurt, loss, and feelings of abandonment. At this point in my life, I couldn’t even show up as dad to my youngest daughter, who, at the time, was the only one of four still at home. I chose drugs and alcohol to deal with the unbearable pain; this went on for two years, at which time my second oldest daughter did research and found a program called The Extension.

There is no way you could have told me at that point that I would have so many life-changing experiences and meet such amazing staff, donors, volunteers, board members, and residents whom I was able to touch as a result of my pain.

I was graced to be able to come back to The Extension in 2008 after putting my life back together. I had returned to school to pursue my certification in Addiction Counseling. I came back in 2008 as a sponsor and mentor; the grace increased in 2009 as I had the opportunity to do my clinical internship at the very place that saved my life. In March 2010, when the former Program Director, JJ Bremner, called me into his office and offered me a full-time position, I gladly accepted, and the magic started. I began to touch lives, see the transformation and watch the reconciliation of families. The smiles and laughter of children and emergence of fathers, the men who once thought their life was over, as did I, but discovered that their past did not define their future.

I found my place in the vision and mission of this amazing organization and the intricate workings of the donors, volunteers, Board of Directors, and the greatest boss in the world, Tyler Driver, with an immense heart for people. I would be the part-time, in-house chef to cook dinner for the guys and to celebrate the alumni and their achievements. I enjoyed helping to coordinate our annual “Java Jam” fundraising event and hosting “Lake Day” for the residents. I would do whatever it took to keep our vision and mission on fire.

I truly believe that my life struggle pointed me to my purpose and working with broken men. It was my absolute pleasure to do so in these last 12 years.  It is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from this life-changing place, The Extension. In life, we are given assignments and have the opportunity to aid thousands of men in their new life of recovery; this has been one of the most fulfilling assignments yet. I feel in my heart of hearts that God is directing me to my next assignment. For many reasons, I am grateful to The Extension and the people that God has put in my path to be a part of who I am today. With everything in my soul, I am forever grateful and want to say thank you and know that my heart will always be at The Extension.”                                    – Men’s Director, Mr. Robert Jordan