Start Your Recovery.

The Extension is a community-supported, long-term residential recovery program for homeless men and women that serves the Cobb County area and addresses one of the primary root causes of homelessness, which is chemical dependence.

We help you succeed by facilitating transformation for your life and future through our long-term and comprehensive residential treatment program. During your time with The Extension, you will learn and practice productive, responsible behaviors that will prepare you for the "real world."

Our in-patient residential treatment program provides support to individuals experiencing homelessness, are over the age of 24, reside in Cobb County and can work. Program duration is nine to twelve months.

With a maximum capacity of 57 beds on the men's campus and 25 beds on the women's campus, program enrollment and potential residency are determined after completing a face-to-face interview with at least 2 of our counselors.

Begin the admissions process by filling out the Pre-Screen Assessment form

PSA’s are valid for the following 30-days, once submitted. To remain on our active waiting list, please make sure you fill out a new PSA every 30-days.

An Individual Service Plan is developed during the Welcome Phase. It is reviewed every 30 days and updated every 60 days. After the three week Welcome Phase, our clients find and maintain full-time employment in the community. They work during the day and participate in a rigorous treatment schedule of counseling and therapy in the evening.

Every client works a full-time job in our community. They learn to abide by society’s rules by first obeying ours. Clients are drug tested at least weekly. We have a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use. In addition to paying a fee to the organization as an investment in their own recovery (20% – 30% of the adjusted gross income), every client is required to open a savings account at a bank and save a portion of each paycheck. The amount each client saves varies—getting caught up on late child support payments is the first priority, with additional consideration given to court fees and fines, as well as tax and other debt.

Our rigorous program is divided into three phases, with group psychotherapy and psychoeducation, and individual counseling and case management tailored to the needs of the clients in each phase of the program.

Program components include the following:

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Family Counseling
  • Life Skills
  • Recovery 101 & 102
  • Meditation
  • Process Groups
    • Relapse Prevention Therapy
    • Co-Dependence Therapy
    • Boundaries
  • Anger Management for SUD Clients

In addition, clients have access to a medical doctor, a chiropractic doctor and a supportive and active community of others in recovery. Upon completion of the program, clients are honored at a transition ceremony, with family and friends and current and former clients. The client is then welcomed into the Alumni Association made up of their brothers and sisters who have completed the program months or years before.

The Extension employs a variety of methods to ensure the success of the overall program, as well as its individual components. Knowledge and retention of key concepts and skills for each client is monitored closely by the program staff while the client is in the program. This monitoring continues periodically for 24 months after a resident successfully completes the program. Most clients will complete the program in 9 to 12 months. Those that complete the program are encouraged to take an active role in our Alumni Association, and are encouraged to mentor residents individually.