Give Help.

The consequences of addiction go beyond the individual. Friends and families suffer too, and it is natural for someone to want to help. If you know someone who needs support to begin their path to recovery, reach out to us—we want to help you.

Our community-supported long-term residential recovery program provides support to individuals experiencing homelessness, are over the age of 24, reside in Cobb County and can work. Program duration is nine to twelve months.

We help individuals succeed by facilitating transformation for their life and future through our professional counseling services and activities focused on recovery from chemical dependence. During their time with The Extension, residents learn and practice productive, responsible behaviors that will prepare them for the "real world."

Our facility has a maximum capacity of 57 beds on the men's campus and 25 beds on the women's campus. Therefore, program enrollment and potential residency are determined after completing a face-to-face interview with at least 2 of our counselors.

Begin the admissions process by filling out the Pre-Screen Assessment form

PSA’s are valid for the following 30-days, once submitted. To remain on our active waiting list, please make sure you fill out a new PSA every 30-days.


If we are not able to work with a potential client due to lack of bed space or otherwise we will gladly provide referrals within our community.

Program Components

Every element of The Extension’s Residential Recovery program is concentrated on a particular issue while working in conjunction with other components. Our program involves the collaboration of in-house professional services as well as resources offered by other service providers. Our comprehensive services are as follows: