The Extension's
Capital Campaign

Help us turn a vacant lot into a place filled with opportunities and hope! Donate to our Building Solutions Campaign and support our neighbors in need.

Help us Extend Hope, Empowerment and Growth to Our Community

In 2020, The Extension provided support to more than 250 clients, providing a lifeline to men and women who desperately wanted to reclaim their future from chemical dependency. With our current facilities at max capacity, we still had to refer over 500 individuals, 65% of them men, to other facilities and providers.

As homelessness and addiction persist within our community, the need for complex services to support prevention, intervention and treatment of chemical dependency in our community only continues to grow.

However, there is a clear answer to addressing the increased need for our services and that is increasing our physical footprint through our Building Solutions Campaign.

Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3

The Building as our Solution

Our goal is to expand The Extension’s physical reach by 2023, and this $5.8 million capital campaign will provide the funding of the construction of a new men’s dorm on our Marietta campus.

The 22,000-square-foot building will double our capacity. It will be a multi-purpose space that will include a 56-bed dormitory with meeting rooms, recreational areas, and a cafeteria.

We are excited to take another monumental step toward ending homelessness and addiction in our community. With your help, we can bring hope, healing, and transformation to the many men who will walk through our doors for years to come. Give a gift that will not only “Build Solutions” , but last a life-time.

Donate to our Building Solutions Campaign. Your gift will help transform the lives of many.