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The goal of this program is simple: that those who enter the program never again depend on drugs to get them high or charity to get them by. Our clients learn the skills necessary to become accountable to themselves, their families and the community. They learn and practice those skills daily.

"I am a drug addict. I don’t have anywhere to go. I have nothing. Can you help me?”

We hear these words every day from those seeking our help. They are our people. We take a chance on them. For them, it’s the chance of a lifetime.

The right chance can transform lives, turning their future from bleak to bright. That chance is what we offer at The Extension—a comprehensive, residential recovery program serving homeless men and women who suffer from addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Our Program

Our clients come to us from living on the street, often in and out of jail for offenses related to their addiction; some leave their families due to the pain and chaos caused by their addiction. Each learns the skills necessary to become accountable to themselves, their families and the community. They learn and practice these skills daily, in a safe and supportive environment to promote healing and growth. Every client works a full-time job in our community. They learn to abide by society’s rules by first obeying ours.

Our Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program is divided into three phases with most clients transitioning in 9 to 12 months.

After the initial three week Welcome Phase, our clients find and maintain full-time employment in the community. They work during the day and participate in a rigorous treatment schedule of counseling and therapy in the evening.

Learn more about the different aspects of our program:


A standardized pre-test is conducted and an individualized treatment plan is developed during the Welcome Phase. 




Phase I is focused on creating a safe environment, relational connections, skills installation and building a recovery network.


Phase II is centered on sobriety maintenance, healing relationships, financial stability and building an infrastructure of support in the community that will serve the client after they transition to independent living.

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