FUMC of Marietta Feeds The Extension During COVID -19

FUMC of Marietta Feeds The Extension During COVID -19 

Standing together in a crisis

The Extension

1507 Church Street Extension

Marietta, GA 30060



Contact: Renee McCormick, Director of Community Relations
reneemccormick@theextension.org, 770-590-9075

First United Methodist Church of Marietta has donated over 1,000  meals to feed the residents at The Extension during the COVID – 19 pandemic. Since mid-March, Cobb County has been under a public health state of emergency and a shelter-in-place order, The Extension has had to close both of their campuses to the public temporarily.  When First United Methodist Church of Marietta heard that they were struggling to fill their meal calendar because of the pandemic, they agreed to fill 23 of the open dates in April and May. 

First United Methodist Church of Marietta has provided meals and encouragement to the residents at The Extension on a monthly basis for many years. The Extension men’s campus serves a total of 57 men, and the women’s campus serves a total of 25 women. While the residents work during the day, they look forward to coming “home” to an evening meal provided and served by volunteers. 

When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, FUMC of Marietta saw an even greater opportunity to serve and give back to their community. FUMC has been dropping off meals at each campus as needed throughout the crisis. First United Methodist’s Director of Programs Forrest Cate commented, “The opportunity for church members to prepare the meals off-site and share the food while the residents serve themselves was a perfect way to stay safe and show love. Our church members have responded in an unprecedented way. Sign-ups would fill up as soon as they were released. Some families took the entire meal; other meals were made by each member providing a part of the meal. 

One of our members who loves to cook wanted to help but couldn’t get out to deliver the meal or shop for groceries. So another member keeps her supplied with groceries and delivers the food to The Extension for her. We are on track to fill  23 of the available dates in just a couple of months. And we thought we were doing something providing 12 per year! 

We miss the interaction with the residents and actually sharing the meal with them, and we hope that will resume one day. For now, we continue to be inspired by the courage and the community of The Extension residents and will always support their journey to reconciliation with God and community and creation anyway we can.”

To find out more about  FUMC of Marietta,  visit their website at https://www.mariettafumc.org/. To find out more about The Extension go to  www.theextension.org