Doing hard things are, well, hard!!

But did you know that we were designed to do hard things?  It’s true! In order for growth to happen in our lives, we have to experience and go through difficult situations.

Let’s take a look at what is happening inside our bodies as we begin to navigate through hard times.

As we are learning something new, oftentimes as something begins to get tough, we become agitated or frustrated.  With that agitation there are 2 chemicals that are being released; Epinephrine and Acetylcholine.  Epinephrine is the chemical that makes you alert and you are awakened. The chemical Acetylcholine is what helps you to focus.

As you become frustrated doing this new task, you’re suddenly awake and focused!

You see, we were created with this plan of attack.  What our body is doing is setting us up for the Super Natural transformation.  But more often than not, when things start to get hard, we will turn back to our comfort zone.  We will allow for that frustration to overtake us and we quit. Let’s face it, it’s hard!! 

However, when you find yourself face to face with something difficult, you should in fact face it head on. It’s in the agitation and frustration where growth is found.  Nothing new happens unless you make a change, unless you face that agitation. We have to make a decision to not listen to that little voice that is telling us that it’s too hard, and quit.  Recognize what is happening, and take advantage of that focus.  It’s there on purpose, for a purpose!!!  

Overcoming addiction is hard!!  But it has been and still is being done!!  

What about living a clean and sober life?  Once one has done the work to overcome, one must be ready to put in the work and to face the battle to stay clean!  It will be hard, but with overcoming each hard task, you become stronger and stronger!! 

Being prepared for the battle ahead is a must!!  One can’t simply wait until the hard times happen, no.  One must have a plan, be prepared and learn coping skills because we know that with every mountain top victory will soon be followed by a low valley.  But we don’t have to be afraid, nope, just be prepared!!  Take comfort in knowing that God has created us to overcome!!  

Angie Hawkins

“I Am” Kinda Fit Ministry