We’re Looking for a Few Special People with a Few Special Skills

Volunteers come in all figurative shapes and sizes, and we love them all. Group and individual volunteers prepare and serve meals, answer the phones, lead like skills programs, write thank you letters, trim the hedges and do all sorts of needed tasks. Every day volunteers are at our facilities making a difference. Their impact is immeasurable, but sometimes we don’t know anyone with a particular skill set that we need. Here’s a list of special needs we currently have. If any of these sound like you or if you know of someone who can help, please contact us.

Do you have experience writing copy for marketing or public relations? Have you ever worked for a newspaper and had a beat? Have you ever written or edited articles for a company newsletter or website? Did you ever learn how to do any of the above in school? If you answered yes to any of those questions, and if you want to volunteer your services to The Extension, please contact Tyler or Tina.

We’re looking for someone who has the skills, the time and the desire to help us stay on top of the myriad maintenance and repair tasks that seem unending at our facilities. You don’t need to be an expert or have a license, only a knack for fixing and preventing. If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity that allows you to set your schedule and you know your way around a toolbox, this volunteer job is perfect for you. Please contact Tyler to discuss.

They say a picture says a thousand words. We like that because we have a lot to say, and we want to describe our facilities at 30 frames per second. We need someone with the equipment and the talent to use it to shoot video of our facilities. We simply want to post a quality video of each of our facilities on our website. This will help with fundraising and more importantly let family members of our residents know their loved ones are in a nice place. Besides, we’re proud of our great facilities, and we want to show them off. Please contact Tyler if you can help.

WordPress Administrator
If you’ve ever administered a WordPress website and you’re available to give advice and answer occasional questions, we need you. Our new website was developed in WordPress. We’re fumbling our way up the learning curve, but we could sure use a nudge every now and then. If you think you can help, please contact Tyler or Tina. We promise not to ask dumb questions too often.

We’re looking for someone who has experience creating podcasts, either with the technical or production processes. Our ultimate goal is to have a weekly recovery oriented podcast that will hopefully have a national reach, but for now the objective is to simply understand what’s involved and to move towards creating the first week’s production. If creating podcasts are your thing or if you have an interest along with some knowledge of the process, please contact Tyler.

This is only a short list of volunteer needs we have. If you have the time and the desire to support folks on their path of recovery, we have ways you can help. You don’t need a special skill, only the willingness to help. If you would like to be part of this amazing organization, please contact Tyler or Tina.