Saying Goodbye to Our Director of Administration, Ms. Barb Frost

This month, The Extension says goodbye to our Director of Administration Ms. Barbara Frost, otherwise known as the “Queen Bee.” I was able to sit down and have lunch with Barb recently to talk about her time at The Extension and what her future plans include.

Barb has faithfully served The Extension and our residents for over 20 years. Barb came to The Extension as a volunteer after she retired from a successful career with Flexible Products in Chicago and moved to Atlanta with her former husband. She came on board as a part time staff member July 1st, 2001 to help Tyler Driver, our Executive Director, with bookkeeping and other administrative tasks. “When I first came on board we were not getting many grants or much support, it was pretty lean, we struggled to keep the lights on.”

Like so many of us, Barb became immersed in the mission. Over the years, Barb’s responsibilities increased with the size and the scope of the organization. “We’ve come a long way since I walked into the Phase One building for the first time.” “I officially retired when I was 42, when I came on as a part time employee, I never thought I would stay 20 years, but keeping Tyler and JJ out of trouble was a full time job.” Barb will miss all the fun that she and the staff had together. “Back in the beginning the program was a lot more relaxed…I will always remember the fun times that we had -Tyler, JJ, Bert, Robert Jordan, Coach John, Cher, Colin and so many others who are now life-time friends and I consider part of my family.”

Some of Barb’s favorite memories include the completion of our phase two building and the opening of our women’s program in 2009. “I have too many memories of the construction of the phase two building, getting it completed was a real challenge! I’ve enjoyed watching the organization grow, with the opening of the women’s campus and of course all of the clients over the years; some of them still call me “Mom.” Hearing their stories and watching them get their lives back and reuniting with their families is what I loved the most about working at The Extension.”

When asked about the next chapter in her life, Barb said that she plans to catch up on some projects around her house, rest and travel. “There is a lot of the U.S. that I’ve only seen from a plane. I’d like to visit my family in Iowa, friends in Chicago and spend more time with my children and grandchildren. Hopefully, I’ll get to travel overseas again too. My standard answer is to “do whatever I want, whenever I want.”

We will miss you Barb! 

Barb Frost Dedication pic (2)