PARKING will be a LOT Less Annoying at Our Men’s Campus

It’s a first world problem to be sure, but not being able to find a parking place is one of life’s great annoyances, at least at that moment when you realize they are all taken. Such as it often is at our men’s facility.

Thanks to the good work of some great people, along with some work yet to be done, relief is insight.

With the majority of the funding coming through a Community Development Block Grant, we recently purchased the vacant lot next to our men’s facility. As soon as we can raise the money, 23 new parking spaces will be added to the expanded men’s campus. In the near term the remainder of the property will be kept as greenspace, with a serene sitting area, a garden and horse shoe pit. A few years from now that space could be used for our life-changing and life-saving services.

If you’ve been to the men’s campus you were probably initially struck by two things: there was likely nowhere for you to park, and that our facilities look quite nice from the outside. (If you haven’t been to our men’s facility, I hope you drop by soon.)

Our newest building at the men’s campus was built in 2003; aside from a few quirks it’s great. The other building was built in 1929 by the Georgia Marble Company as a warehouse. Of course, it hardly looks like a warehouse now, but it’s still an old, energy wasting building that challenges us daily. Sooner or hopefully not too much later, we’ll be hanging a picture of the old warehouse in the lobby of its replacement. The new property we acquired gives us that opportunity.

The new property ensures that, once the money is raised, we will have sufficient parking (in the meantime we can still park there, albeit on rough ground). And one day it will allow us create new program space for our residents.

If you would like to be part of this exciting new chapter in The Extension’s history contact Tyler or Tina, and please continue keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we forge ahead. Thanks to all those who helped us get this far and who are helping go even further!

Tyler M. Driver,, 770-590-9075 x301

Tina Jones,, 770-590-9075 x309


Click HERE for a drawing of the planned parking lot expansion.