My Name is Shawn

I entered in The Extension on September 1, 2017. I came in a broken man. The choices I made, trying to feed my addiction turned me into a monster.

I became dishonest, a liar, and a selfish human being. My only concern was getting and using drugs and alcohol. I didn’t care who I had to hurt to achieve that either. My friends, my family, even my own daughter didn’t matter to me at the time. I felt dead inside in every way a man could feel dead. I was dead emotionally, physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually. I felt nothing except for guilt, shame, and remorse for the way I was living.

The Extension was a ray of light in my dark world. It opened up a way for me to change who I was inside. The Extension gave me an opportunity to learn new coping skills so that I can live by spiritual principles. Through The Extension and working a practical program of action I have completed the program and have turned my whole life around.

Today I am an honest trustworthy man. I recently got married to the love of my life that miraculously stood by me and we are raising our daughter in a happy healthy home as a family. I have learned to rely on God and put others first in my life. I can say that The Extension has been vital in recreating my life and reconnecting me with my family. I am extremely grateful today for The Extension. The Extension has given me a chance to live and be a father, husband, and friend. Most importantly, The Extension has given me a chance to live!

Sincerely Grateful,