Monthly Giving


Monthly Giving Makes Good “Cents”

The holidays are the season of giving. Giving is good for your heart, your health, your relationships, and your community. You may not be a millionaire or be able to make a big impressive one-time donation, but you can make a significant difference in the lives of others just by making giving a part of your everyday life.

One of the principles that we teach our residents at The Extension is money management. By creating a budget, we can cover our bills and reduce debt, and accomplish our saving and giving goals in smaller, more digestible bites. Over time, we achieve our goals and can make a big difference in the causes that are closest to our hearts.

Just as a steady income helps you to steward your funds and plan, monthly giving helps us manage our funding and serve our residents more effectively. It provides a steady, predictable base to pay our expenses, operational costs, programming costs and those unpredictable expenses that arise. It also gives us a firm foundation to plan and grow our program to meet the increasing need for our services in our community.

Monthly giving makes good “cents”. It allows you to experience all of the benefits of giving all year long and gives us a firm foundation. Just like a good family budget is designed to cover expenses, allow for unexpected expenses and invest for your future, monthly giving helps The Extension meet our financial needs, serve our residents more effectively and grow.

This year, please consider a monthly gift that will keep on giving!