Interview with Straight Edge Tattoo

Thank you for recently donating 20% of your tattoo sales to our organization, why did you choose The Extension as a beneficiary?

Well, I went through treatment at another facility that is similar to yours but they aren’t local. I have told my story there at The Extension and I personally know or at least have met many people who have gone through the program there. So when we decided that we wanted to help a local non profit treatment facility The Extension was at the top of a short list.

How long has Straight Edge Tattoo been in business?   Is there any significance in the name “Straight Edge”?

We opened for business April 28th of this year.  The name Straight Edge Tattoo comes from a song written in the early 80s by a band named Minor Threat. The message in this song is of a drug and alcohol free lifestyle in a period of time when basically all punk rock musicians were doing the opposite. This eventually spawned the straight edge movement, which to this day still stands for living life free of ALL mood and mind altering substances. This is how my wife and I live and how we wanted to be represented as a business.

We see you have awesome reviews from your customers, what makes your business so successful?

Our first priority is cleanliness at the shop but this is followed very closely by client satisfaction. We believe that all it takes is remembering that we are providing a service and being grateful for our clients.

The Extension benefits from businesses like yours through donations, volunteers, and jobs for our residents.  How does the business community benefit from a place like The Extension?

I believe that The Extension and other similar facilities are helping hard working, sober men and women get back on their feet and these are exactly the kind of employees that the business community can benefit from. For more information about Straight Edge Tattoo, please visit their website: